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A n d y   W e d d i n g t o n ​

a r t i s t
Broad brush ...

In youth, from dad I learned to draw and paint. Learning and working in graphite, charcoal, crayon, ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and oil - for 55+ years - with anything as subject is a lot of experience.

Top left is dad's portrait sketch of me at age 9 or 10. Money was tight in those days. So he painted, from life, with leftover paints from a paint-by-number kit using crummy brushes on a 10 x 8 inches cheap canvasboard. The framed painting proudly hangs in the foyer of our home; my beginning, a king's ransom could not buy that painting. Top right is a slightly larger recent self-portrait, from life, in acrylic. Too, not for sale. 

Still I draw and paint most every day - from life - and offer some of my drawings and paintings for sale.  

For ten years I taught in the California desert and in the Bahamas. From teaching I learn. Still I teach, once in a while. And learn. 

Two books - 'On SEEING & Painting' and 'MAKING MARINES' - I authored a few years ago. Each is a sort of artbook - available only through this website. Please check them out.  

When not drawing and painting, time is devoted to reading, visiting museums, tinkering on a 5-string banjo, and, usually over a cup of coffee, thinking about drawing and painting. Occasionally, there is time to wander to fly fish for trout, and draw, paint, and think alongside the quiet river.

For a long time now ... 'Andy' is how I sign work certifying it as my best. The informal complements my simple way.  

Life is pretty darn good!