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A n d y   W e d d i n g t o n ​

a r t i s t
Broad brush ...

 In youth, from dad I learned to draw and paint.

Learning and working in graphite, charcoal, crayon, ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and oil - for 55+ years - with anything whatsoever as subject - is a lot of experience.

Top left is dad's portrait sketch of me at age 9 or 10. Money was tight in those days. So he painted, from life, with leftover paints from a paint-by-number kit using crummy brushes on a 10 x 8 inches cheap canvasboard. The framed painting proudly hangs in the foyer of our home; my beginning, a king's ransom could not buy that painting. 

Top right is a slightly larger recent self-portrait, from life, in acrylic. I believe it one of my better likenesses. Too, not for sale. 

Still I draw and paint most every day - from life - and regularly offer drawings and paintings for sale. Most everything is for sale, though for ease of managing the website prices not included. We are reasonable and fair. If seeing something of interest, please send us a note. Besides, no harm in asking. Promptly we reply.   

For ten years I taught in the California desert and in the Bahamas. From teaching I learn. Still I teach, once in a while. And learn. 

Two books - 'On SEEING & Painting' (An Interdisciplinary Perspective) and 'MAKING MARINES' - I authored a few years ago. Each a sort of artbook - available only through this website. Please check them out. Supplies are dwindling. Once gone, they're gone. Don't miss out!  

When not drawing and painting, time is devoted to reading, visiting museums, tinkering on a 5-string banjo, and, usually over a cup of coffee, thinking about drawing and painting. Occasionally, there is time to wander a cold stream to fly fish for trout, and draw, paint, and think alongside the quiet river. To fish, dad taught me that, too.  

For a long time now ... 
'Andy' is how I sign work affirming it my best. The informal complements my simple way.  

Life is pretty darn good; especially with brush, banjo, and what was once bamboo (rod) in hand!