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On "SEEING" & Painting is 163 pages of intrigue as Andy weaves concepts from art, philosophy, psychology, communications, and General Semantics into his own ideas on "seeing" and painting, and offers insight as to how artists - painters - "see" then paint. Some 40 full-color reproductions of Andy's paintings support the writing. Sturdy stock and ample white space throughout encourages the reader to highlight and jot notes. A great book that had the editors raving and wanting more and has readers - artists and non-artists alike - looking at everything through fresh eyes. 

Hard cover: $35.00

Soft cover: $30.00



MAKING MARINES - a limited-edition (232 hand-numbered and signed with bound Certification page 9 x 12 inches) hard cover coffee table book. 

More than 240 pages with nearly 100 sketches accompany short "word sketches" chronicling U. S. Marine Corps Recruit Training - based on Colonel Weddington's nearly three decades of service and specifically three years as a series commander, company executive officer, battalion operations officer, and commanding officer of a recruit training company leading Drill Instructors at the historic recruit depot at Parris Island, South Carolina as they made Marines. 

Former Drill Instructors, when reviewing the book, said they were struck with emotion - recalling recruit training as recruit and DI. There's not been a book like this one - by a Marine for Marines - documenting and telling the story of transforming young men and women into U. S. Marines - from yellow footprints to earning the coveting eagle, globe, and anchor, and title "Marine." 

Hard cover: $100.00

Please note a limited number of book remain. 

Reader comments ...

" ... your new book, On "SEEING" & Painting, is - how should I put it? - an eye-opener. It captivates like one of your colorful paintings. It isn't just the book's handsome binding, colorful photos, or clear writing that draws one in. It's the book's explanation of "seeing" even ordinary objects in ways never before imagined -- objects like lemons, tin cans, apples (green and red) and bottle of beverages ... the humble cabbage - or carrot, cantaloupe, or cauliflower - will never look the same after reading your book ..." Bill Dickneider

" ... your work is as good and as interesting an account of Marine Corps recruit training as I have encountered. You get to the essence in understandable terms and in the background the reader still senses the religion - like spirit prompting all that is being described. My overall emotion, through no fault of yours, is one of sadness. Yours may be the last significant work that describes the Marine Corps recruit training that produced such victories as Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Chosin Reservoir, Khe Sanh, Fallujah, and others ..." Major General, U. S. Marine Corps (former commanding general of Recruit Depot, Parris Island)